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Cadet Entry (in Year 8 at School and 12 years of age up to 17 years of age).

The Air Training Corps has a open recruitment policy. The Squadron welcomes young people from all nationalities, backgrounds and abilities. 

Young people who have a disability are also welcome, provided their handicap doesn't prevent them from taking part in a reasonable number of activities or is likely to put themselves or others in danger. Please ask for more information. 

Cadet membership is open to young people, both male and female, between 12 and 17 years old who accept the challenge. The maximum joining age for new members is 17yrs old. Once enrolled, members can remain as uniformed cadets until reaching the age of 20. 


There is an initial probationary period of 3 months, this includes Basic Training. 

Parental consent will be required, where cadets are under 18 years of age, for entry to the Corps, for participation in physical exercise and for participation in flying operations. 

Our Squadron is responsible for its own fund-raising and sets its own subscriptions. Membership cost is kept to an absolute minimum - we even supply your Uniform. 


Air Cadet Membership is exceptionally good value, especially when compared with other youth organisations. The Air Cadet Organisation is concerned that no one should be denied membership on grounds of financial ability, if cost is an issue you should speak privately with a member of the Squadron Staff. 


Once a Cadet has passed Basic Training uniform will be issued free on a loan basis. Cadets will need to supply their own Black Shoes and Boots. The Squadron will be able to assist Cadets who do not have their own Adventure Training Kit. 

Not all Cadets join because they want a career with the Royal Air Force or the Aerospace Industry - we are NOT a recruiting organisation for the Services - there are almost as many reasons to join as there are members. 

The Air Cadet Organisation is a 'military' based youth organisation and accordingly there are high standards to maintain. You will be expected to take a pride in your uniform and appearance, be well mannered and SELF disciplined - you will be joining something to be proud of. 


Cadets wishing to join should contact the Squadron by using the following email address or by telephoning the Sqn on 01394 384721 Answered on Wednesday nights only - (answer phone all other times). Please remember to leave your name and contact phone number. Alternately please fill in 'How to Join' form on the homepage.